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Eligibility: High School senior who is planning to attend a four year university/college majoring in Education

Application Currently Closed

​Scholarship will return in 2022!

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The LFW Foundation 

Helping High School Students Succeed

Your future is waiting for you!     

College Workshops For High School Students                                                                                                                                                                    

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Leona F. Washington

Another great event! Get ready for next year's event!

Spring, 2022

Welcome to a new beginning!

The LFW (Leona Ford Washington) Foundation was created to help high school students succeed by offering college/career workshops, self awareness empowerment sessions, scholarships and  etiquette classes.

All curriculum is designed to uplift and encourage the next generation of high school students!

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Leona Ford Washington

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Upcoming Workshops:

 College Information Workshop for high school Juniors and Seniors with Parents

Come out and learn about how to

prepare for college!

Every school year many high school students ask what will they do after their high school education is over. How do I plan for my future. We at LFW Foundation have the experience and information to help students and their families understand and plan for the future with confidence and vision. Your future is waiting for you! The world is yours to embrace!

Our Vision is to assist students to achieve and complete high school with the public and private education sector.

College Preparedness

Increasing Access to Post Secondary Education for Under Served Populations

Career Preparedness

Exposing students to Various Career Options available to them

Closing the Achievement Gaps

The LFW Foundation, established as a public charitable foundation in 2011, offers support, unity and insight whose change not only impacts students and schools beginning with the lake Elsinore area and surrounding area communities, producing high school graduates well prepared for college, careers, and beyond. It is our mission to ensure high academic achievement for every student we encounter by attracting and preparing outstanding individuals.

The Foundation was created to enhance and impart knowledge to under privileged youth (14-18 years of age) about the importance of a high school education and the varied options available after successfully completing high school, thereby assisting the school system in reducing high school dropout rate.